Rural Community Offers Big City Technology

Nevada, Missouri residents now have a more high-tech way of reporting potholes, non-working street lights, trash, or other problems to the city government. Residents with smartphones can get a new mobile app called SeeClickFix to inform city staff of their public issues. The mobile app, unveiled by City Manager JD Kehrman, allows users to document, take photos of a problem, and automatically provide GPS coordinates. After the report is submitted, users can track all reported problems on a map as well.

"This technology is much more than just another exciting new application for mobile devices; it's a vehicle to promote and encourage accountability and transparency in the delivery of services by local governments." Kehrman said. "The City of Nevada Missouri is pleased to lead the way in the implementation of technologies that will shape the future of interactions between residents and local government professionals."

With the online reporting platform, residents can report quality-of-life concerns directly to City Hall through custom service request categories via the City of Nevada website,, or mobile applications for iPhone, Android and Blackberry. The platform allows citizens to provide additional information about the issue by adding a detailed description or including a photograph in their report. Once someone submits an issue, both the reporter and the City of Nevada will receive an email notification. The local government can then acknowledge the service request, route it to the proper department, and update the issue page once it's been resolved. All updates on issues reported through SeeClickFix are displayed publicly, allowing Nevada to quickly and easily inform citizens of their progress.

"It's exciting to be the first city in the State of Missouri to implement this readily used and popular new technology," said Mayor Brian Leonard. "The purpose of this app is to identify concerns in our community and to foster a safe and vibrant community for all who reside in and visit our city. This will be a valuable tool to help improve the quality of life in the City of Nevada."

Just because it's "Small Town" Missouri doesn't mean it lacks big city technologies, education, amenities and culture. Through a partnership powered by SeeClickFix, Nevada, a thriving rural community, is able to offer programs and services usually reserved for larger municipalities.