SeeClickFixin' with Open311 in Toronto

Just months after integrating with Boston, SeeClickFix completed integration with Toronto's work order system through its new Open 311 API. The connection--which went live last month--will enable citizens to communicate service requests directly into the city's existing CRM by reporting issues through the SeeClickFix platform:

Having already been launched in Boston, San Francisco and Washington, DC, Open311 refers to a 'standardized technology for location-based collaborative issue tracking,' or an open source data platform for 311 service requests. Through this open model, citizens can instantly provide more information to those responsible and help improve the city's environment along the way. More important, it empowers and engages the public to actively participate in civil society.

From now on, issues reported through SeeClickFix's online and mobile interface will be fed directly into Toronto's existing 311 system. With Open311 implemented, SeeClickFix can fully interact with and connect into the city's work order system. This SeeClickFix-Open311 connection gives Toronto residents yet another channel through which they can report non-emergency concerns. With a few clicks, citizens can provide locational, descriptive, and photographic information about quality-of-life issues from potholes and graffiti. Once the resident submits an issue, it will be communicated not only to the city, but also to the citizens it serves. With SeeClickFix's public platform, everyone can be kept informed in real time.

To find out more information about Toronto's Open311, check out the city's informational page.