Harsimus Cove Association makes use of SeeClickFix

We wanted to give a big shout out to our friends at the Harsimus Cove Association, in Jersey City, New Jersey, who've been using SeeClickFix to support the work they're already doing in their neighborhood.
Recently, the HCA's President Stephen Musgrave gave this awesome presentation to members of the organization to explain how SeeClickFix works, and to encourage its use. The HCA even got some media attention for their smart civic engagement from the Jersey City Independent.
Explaining his enthusiasm for SeeClickFix in the article, Stephen said, "I call SeeClickFix 'block watch for quality of life issues.' Just like with a block watch, if those responsible for resolving quality of life issues know where the problems are, they will be much more effective in their job." Musgrave's neighbors agree, as shown by some of the recent issues that have been reported in the HCA watch area, including Issue # 148198 Tree limb dangling on Erie and Issue # 149847 graffiti on the clock.
We love it when neighbors come together to improve their community, and we love it even more when they're doing this through SeeClickFix. Many thanks to Stephen for spreading the word, and to everyone in the HCA for your openness to a new way to improve your community. Keep up the great work, guys!