Partnership Update: Oakland

As you may have noticed, SeeClickFix recently launched a partnership with Oakland California. It's been great working with everyone at the city throughout the entire process, and we genuinely appreciate how energetic they are about the opportunities presented by more transparent and accessible government. From our perspective, this has been a great example of a mutually beneficial partnership.

Additionally, they've been all over SeeClickFix, acknowledging and closing issues within days, sometimes even hours. Oakland has a reputation for being somewhat of a scrappy town, and the city administrators are exemplifying this in the best way in how aggressively they are responding to the concerns of their citizens. For instance, it took less than three days for illegal dumping, reported in Issue # 160661, to be handled, and the pothole that was reported in Issue # 161401 was acknowledged in less than 24 hours. That is what we call responsive governance.

The most encouraging piece of all of this has been the enthusiastic interest and involvement of Oakland's citizens. Since we rolled out this partnership just a few weeks ago, we've seen spikes in user activity that have lead us to believe the people of Oaktown are ready to engage with their government in a new way. As the director of Public Works explained, "This tool allows every person in Oakland to become the eyes and ears of the City." It certainly seems like they've embraced this role.

The people of Oakland may be frustrated that Brad Pitt was snubbed at the Oscars for his performance as A's General Manager Billy Beane, and having the Raiders miss the playoffs after trading away all of those draft picks probably still stings for many. However, the collaborative synergy being created by citizens, SeeClickFix, and the Oakland government is giving everyone a lot to be excited about in the Bay Area.