The Knope Award: Michelle Doppelt

Michelle Doppelt, Parks and Recreation, Oakland California

The first ever Knope award goes to our friend Michelle Doppelt, in Oakland California. Michelle first came to our attention through this email she sent to us:

I just want to say I love the SEECLICKFIX app on my phone. I think the ability to map the location, identify the specific issue and get it turned in instantly has greatly sped up the repairs on many items.

I have blasted it out to all my connected community boards for the 3 parks I supervise and the responses from the neighborhoods have been 100% positive!

We were of course very gratified to hear Michelle's enthusiasm for SeeClickFix, but we also noted that she valued it because it enabled her to serve her community more effectively. As we emailed back and forth with her, we saw more clearly how devoted Michelle is to her work, just like Leslie Knope herself. So, read on to learn more about Michelle, and join us in celebrating this Rock-star Civil Servant. Keep up the great work, Michelle!

Please tell us a bit about yourself and your responsibilities:

I am a Recreation Supervisor for the Office of Parks and Recreation (OPR). I started in 1996 as a Recreation Leader doing summer camps and winter bus trips to ski in the snow, to Yosemite or Disneyland. Then I became a Center Director for a couple of years and then promoted to my present position.

I oversee programs, classes, and events at Dimond Park, Bushrod Park and Sheffield Village. I am on the Hiring Team, the Recware Team & Training teams.

I partner with many local groups to help with special events such as:

The Lake Chabot Golf Course Spring Egg Hunt (6th annual Egg hunt April 7th!)
The Dimond Improvement Association's Oaktoberfest in the Dimond.
Friends of Parks and Recreation to host the Harvestfest.

What attracted you about Public Service?

I grew up in a family that was open to helping out neighbors and community so it's always been in my thoughts. When I was 10 years old I ran a day camp for younger kids in my area. I loved the idea of teaching and helping others investigate new ideas.

How does SeeClickFix fit in to your job?

I have a crazy schedule to work around so the problems and issues in the parks and neighborhoods that I travel to, always had to wait until I got back to my computer for me to report to Public Works. With Seeclickfix I can quickly take a picture of the problem, have my GPS map the location and get an email to know that the problem is in process. It has sped up the time frame that issues can be fixed and I am constantly updated with the progress.

What is your favorite thing about Leslie Knope? Do people often make the connection, given your similar job titles?

Haha! We both love our jobs. I think people who know me know I am more grounded than she is, but often just as humorous! I tend to be much less blonde, but just as crazy. I think Leslie Knope would love the SeeClickFix idea and would probably use it until you had to close down the program from her neurotic constant usage! hmm....Knope and I might both have that problem!

*For an explanation of The Knope Award, click here.