SeeClickFix Partner Pinellas County, FL, honored with 'Sunny Award'

Residents of Pinellas County, Florida, enjoy a sunny climate for much of the year. Thanks to the diligence of their public officials, they also enjoy the assurance of knowing that their local government subjects itself to rigorous transparency standards that stand up to sunlight. This commitment to transparency was recently recognized by the Sunshine Review, who honored Pinellas County for the second consecutive year with a "Sunny Award."

According to the organization, "The Sunny Awards recognize governments that are doing an exemplary job proactively disclosing information to taxpayers. There are so many organizations and associations that highlight what is wrong with government. We at Sunshine Review are proud to acknowledge those who are doing it right and setting a transparency standard that all governments can, and should, meet." This year, only 214 of the over 6,000 governments that were evaluated by the Sunshine Review earned this distinction.

We are proud that becoming a SeeClickFix client was one of the several important steps that Pinellas County took as a part of a broad effort to use technology to interact with their citizens more transparently. Citizens are clearly responding enthusiastically. For instance, in Issue # 152549 Street Light Out, a citizen commented "WOW. This app is great. Thank you Pinellas County. You all are Awesome," when their concern was promptly addressed.

Like the Sunshine Review, we at SeeClickFix love taking the opportunity to celebrate a government that is "doing it right." So, congrats to our friends in Pinellas County; we hope you take a moment to bask in the light of a well deserved honor.