TGIF(ixed): The Long-Awaited Left Turn

Almost a year ago today we told you about a group of citizens in Clarkston, MI using SeeClickFix to improve a dangerous intersection outside of their local high school. Clarkston High School (CHS) Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) President Andrea Schroeder reported Issue #83483: Unsafe signal for left turn through our media partner The Oakland Press. Andrea printed emails from SeeClickFix about her issue and distributed copies to parents at a PTSA meeting. To get even more of her friends and neighbors on board she also started an email chain, forwarding them notifications from our site. Before the issue was featured on the SeeClickFix blog, it had received over 300 votes and dozens of comments from concerned members of the Clarkston community.

Andrea's commitment to spreading the word about this hazardous turn also captured the attention of the Road Commission for Oakland County, who confirmed that the intersection outside of Clarkston High School was on their radar. Throughout the year, Andrea and others from the CHS community worked with local officials and came to SeeClickFix to post updates and share information about the status of the intersection. This Wednesday, Andrea logged on to finally close the issue she opened last year!

I have great news: the new traffic signals have both been installed! The RCOC is working on the timing of the lights, but this should be cleared up soon. I'm so excited to finally close this issue out as fixed. THANK YOU AGAIN for your consistent support and interest in resolving this important safety issue. Our kids are safer, and Clarkston is a better place for it. THANK YOU!

Andrea was kind enough to email us this photo of the beautiful new left turn light recently installed outside of Clarkston High School. She and the entire Clarkston High School community are perfect examples of how SeeClickFix unites citizens and helps them advocate for resolution to issues in the public space. Congrats to everyone who worked so hard to resolve this problem!