Responsible Corporate Citizens

SeeClickFix is all about encouraging engaged and responsible citizenship. Our work primarily revolves around empowering individual citizens who are trying to improve their community. However, we also wanted to take a moment to give a shout out to the businesses that were recognized in a recent Forbes article as exceptional corporate citizens.

Describing the methodology it used to assemble the list, the article states, "The 100 Best Corporate Citizens list, now in its 13th year, ranks companies based on publicly available information in seven categories: environment, climate change, employee relations, human rights, governance, finance, and philanthropy."

The list contains a lot of notable firms, like IBM, Johnson & Johnson, and Nike. The fact that brands that are known for being so successful at creating impressive profits are also being recognized for being responsible citizens represents a growing consensus amongst business leaders that they can't focus on their bottom line alone. They also need to be mindful of the perspectives of the people who live in the areas where they work, the impact their processes have on the environment, and the ethical practices of their suppliers. In other words, successful businesses need to become engaged and thoughtful neighbors.

So, join us in celebrating these companies, and keep them in mind the next time you're considering a purchase.