SeeClickFix Shout-Outs

Over the past couple of weeks, SeeClickFix has been featured by a number of cool outlets in the context of covering ways that technology is being leveraged by citizens, local governments, and media organizations as a force for civic engagement.

In an article discussing the merits of "bottom up" versus "top down" approaches to smart cities, Salon cited SeeClickFix as "A great example of maximizing the urban interface." It describes the financial benefits of utilizing SeeClickFix for local governments by leveraging citizen participation, explaining that it "saves local government the expense of monitoring every square foot of the city by itself."

SeeClickFix was also featured by Mashable as a part of its "Global Innovation Series." The article details our aspiration to begin to develop a citizen generated knowledge base for cities, in order to begin to answer common municipal questions. As our CEO Ben Berkowitz explains in the article, "Once citizens get feedback to multiple systems, we can empower them to do lots of things."

Finally, our good friends at the New Haven Independent recently wrote about the ongoing conversations between SeeClickFix and our hometown around enabling the City of New Haven to more fully integrate our platform into its municipal work order system. This would be a great solution for New Haven, and we're always happy to serve our own neighbors. As The Independent states, "The system will not only help people report problems easier; it will help them get answers to their questions faster."

All of this positive buzz in the media is of course very encouraging, but we're not going to let it go to our heads. We continue to focus on enabling more governments and citizens to collaborate to improve their communities. With that said, we're grateful that our efforts are being recognized, and we hope this attention encourages more citizens to make use of SeeClickFix to bring attention to their concerns within their community.