Spring Cleaning with SeeClickFix

In the same way that individuals are packing away their winter apparel and tidying up their abodes, municipalities are making provisions for the change that accompanies the warmer weather by doing a little spring cleaning. In Grand Prairie, Alberta, SeeClickFix is playing a supporting role in this process.

The city is coordinating volunteers to pick up the trash that had been hidden in snow drifts. As the Daily Tribune Herald writes, "The city is asking litter pickers to register where they have cleaned on SeeClickFix so others can see what areas have been done." According to the article, the system the city set up is working. "'We've had lots of people who have expressed interest and gone out already,' said Lucy Ramirez, education co-ordinator for the environment department at the City of Grande Prairie."

This is a very creative way to take advantage of SeeClickFix that we haven't seen before. We're psyched that Grand Prairie came up with this plan, and love the way that they were able to mobilize effective citizen engagement for this project. Hopefully other cities will take a cue from Grand Prairie, and think about leveraging SeeClickFix the next time they're getting ready for Spring Cleaning.