Knope Award: Dylan Bakley, Atlantic County Utility Authority

We are excited to announce that this month's winner of the prestigious Knope Award is...Dylan Bakley of the Atlantic County Utilities Authority! ACUA has used SeeClickFix to address over 800 citizen concerns, and Dylan has been on the front lines for all of them. He personally updates the citizen requests that come in with enthusiasm and a sense of humor. Citizens regularly express their gratitude for the prompt and courteous service that Dylan provides through SeeClickFix, demonstrating that citizens and government officials can collaborate constructively and respectfully. Additionally, the ACUA makes use of SeeClickFix to ensure efficient distribution of recycling buckets, a creative way of using our platform to help the environment.

Dylan is just at the start of his career, and we expect big things from him. (Perhaps a political victory, like Leslie Knope herself?) He goes above and beyond for the people of Atlantic County, so we're happy to have this opportunity to give him a shout out. Please join us in congratulating a dedicated civil servant on a job well done!

Please tell us a bit about yourself and your responsibilities:

I work for the Atlantic County Utilities Authority (ACUA) in Southern New Jersey as a Database Analyst. I have been working with the Authority for about 2 years and began my current role with the IT department in January of 2011. I work on maintaining the databases, routing of commercial collections trucks, and data acquisition and analysis.

What attracted you about Public Service?

Growing up I began working local elections as a poll worker, so I've always had an interest in politics and government. When I began studying History and Political Science at Rutgers University I realized that public service, in one form or another, was my calling. It just makes me happy to serve the people in my community

How does SeeClickFix fit in to your job?

We began integrating SeeClickFix into our work order system about six months ago. Since then, many residents have been using the platform to notify the Authority of missed collections, report complaints, or request recycling buckets. It's really been working out pretty well. With 23 municipalities in Atlantic County, we have a variety of different collections. SeeClickFix helps to ensure the issues go to the correct people to get solved. It really keeps the lines of communication open between us and the community. We've gotten very positive reactions so far! This year, we are planning on integrating more local public works departments into the system to allow for issues to be addressed more seamlessly for residents.

What is your favorite thing about Leslie Knope and the show Parks and Rec?

My favorite thing about Leslie Knope would be her dedication to improving her community, no matter what obstacles arise. She challenges the perception of government employees in her town and really tries to do some good. That's pretty inspirational and a good model for any public employee. But my favorite thing about the show as a whole would have to be Leslie's boss, Ron Swanson, and his "Swanson Pyramid of Greatness". Old Wooden Sailing Ships... They're beautiful.

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