SeeClickFix partners with FindMyAccident

SeeClickFix is proud to announce that web service FindMyAccident is making use of our interactive widget to enable citizens to create reports about traffic situations and road conditions. As FindMyAccident explains, "From potholes and downed power lines, to obstruction and lane closures, SeeClickFix empowers the public to stop accidents before they happen."

Our widget also adds depth to the accident reporting found at FindMyAccident, while opening the lines of communication and creating a true two-way conversation. With the integration of SeeClickFix, FindMyAccident can use the assistance of local people to help make the roadways safer for everyone.

Like SeeClickFix, FindMyAccident thrives on user interaction. Readers can upload accident information online, through a smartphone application or share a unique perspective through the comments section. When accidents happen and lives are on the line and every piece of information is a puzzle piece that could complete the picture.

We are excited to work with a cool company that is also using technology to empower communities, and look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship.