SeeClickFix is working for the citizens of DC

SeeClickFix is working as intended for the citizens of Washington DC, but don't take our word for it. A resident of DC who regularly blogs about living in Park View did an extended experiment during which he tested the District's response times to issues that he posted on SeeClickFix. In a blog post titled "Initial Experience Using SeeClickFix is Favorable" he writes:

"Back in April I posted about SeeClickFix and the ability to report issues needing city attention to the citywide 311 call center through it. What I was most interested in at the time was how effective it might be. Here's what I've found so far... Graffiti requests on public property are taken care of quickly, generally within two or three days... Reported dead trees are marked quickly, also within a day or two... My requests to replace signs faded beyond usefulness were fulfilled as were requests to replace missing traffic and street signs..."

This blogger is not alone in the success he is having with SeeClickFix in DC. The District has resolved over 2700 issues that have come in through our web interface and the DC 311 app this year. We're always happy to see that citizens are having a positive experience with our service, and to see that the hard work of our partner cities is being recognized. Thanks for the encouragement, Park View!