Why I Decided to Intern at SeeClickFix this Summer

Hi all! My name is Emmanuel Quartey. I'm a Sales and Marketing intern here at SeeClickFix, and I thought I would write a little about why I decided to join the SCF crew for the summer.

Academic curiosity

A bit of background: I graduated two weeks ago with a B.A. in Architecture from Yale, in the Urban Studies concentration. For my senior thesis, I explored the ways in which mobile technology and location based services can provide powerful tools for urban research and intervention, and in the course of my research, I discovered SeeClickFix. My reaction was something like this.

Every media partner or government that SeeClickFix works with comes with a unique set of needs, viewpoints and constraints. By working at SeeClickFiX, therefore, I'm learning a great deal about this growing market. I'm also gaining a first-hand perspective on how governments are taking their first hesitant steps towards creating a scalable platform for civic involvement.

Learning new skills

I'm learning best practices for marketing and selling software products - abilities that will stay with me long after the summer is over. I also get to do it in a supportive environment where I can immediately see the impact of my efforts.

Startup culture

Before SeeClickFix, I did community management at GoCrossCampus (an early player in the social gaming space) and worked on the educational programming team at General Assembly (a co-work and learning space with a focus on technology, design and entrepreneurship). These experiences gave me a deep appreciation for a work environment that is intense, but also playful, balanced and kind. I learnt that when small teams of highly skilled people have a human connection with each other, they're capable of accomplishing truly incredible things, and I knew that I wanted a similar experience this summer.

When I mentioned that I was moving into my new apartment, SeeClickFix co-founders Ben Berkowitz and Kam Lasater offered two cars to help me haul my stuff. When was the last time your bosses gave up their Friday afternoon to help you move? Exactly.

If you're into making things, New Haven is an exciting place to be right now

FastCompany recently featured New Haven in its United States of Innovation series (read: Move Over Yale! New Haven's Tech Scene is in a League of its Own), a testament to the palpable sense of energy that has developed within the four years in which I've called this city home. In addition to a wave of entrepreneurial activity, a number of places have opened up to help people share ideas and collaborate on projects.

One example is The Grove, a coworking space for the city's growing entrepreneurial community. Another is MakeHaven, a gathering place for tinkerers who are into mechanics, electronics and woodworking. Coincidentally, both The Grove and MakeHaven occupy the same block as SeeClickFix.

It's interesting times in New Haven, and I feel incredibly lucky to have a front-seat view of the exciting things happening around the city.

Want to know more about what it's like to work for a New Haven based startup? Feel free to reach out on Twitter: @equartey or my blog: quartey.tumblr.com!

Here's a little contribution of Emmanuel's. Deployed week 1: