“Question and Answer” illuminating New Haven

As our users in New Haven may know, SeeClickFix has recently launched a Question and Answer feature that is intended to help citizens find useful information about their community. We're really excited about the potential for a locally focused, citizen generated knowledge base to enhance the value of SeeClickFix for our partner cities, and we've been encouraged by the early response the feature has gotten in New Haven.

One of the ways that we're working to build the value of the knowledge base is through a theme based strategy. We've reached out to stake holders in a few fields, and encouraged them to ask and answer questions that are relevant to their expertise. The two themes that we've tried so far are "Summer Activities" and "Economic Opportunities." You can see all of the responses that have come in here, but we also wanted to share a few of the best exchanges that we saw. These really create the type of value for New Haven that we're envisioning for the tool as it is rolled out in other communities, and we're always excited to see our hometown benefit from SeeClickFix.

The New Haven Economic Development Corporation made a lot of great contributions during the Economic Opportunity Theme. A highlight was this back and forth with Columbus House, a homeless shelter in New Haven:

There were also a number of really great responses to questions related to the Summer Activity theme, like these from Boost and LEAP, to community member Yuriel Maciel-Andrews question:

We're looking forward to seeing more interesting questions posed on SeeClickFix, and hope that all of the SeeClickFix users are as excited about this feature as we are.