Intern introduction

I'm Jose Castillo, the new software development intern joining the SeeClickFix team. If you like reading - specifically about me – here's a post about what brought me to SeeClickFix.

How things started:

I picked up programming during my freshman year after a computer science elective that I took ended up being far more interesting than I had expected. What followed was your typical casual hobby turned less-than-casual hobby. Last winder I decided to try my hand at programming in the real world and came across an opportunity to work at SCF. I understood their business model and I liked their take on making the relationship between citizens and governments more personal. So I decided to see if they would have me.

Summer fun:

As a pizza enthusiast, living in New Haven has been a real treat with 2 of the oldest pizza places in America within walking distance of the office. If you're ever in town I check them out (Sally's and Pepe's Apizza). I started at SCF in June and have come to really appreciate the startup culture here. I've been given a lot of freedom to choose which projects I'll be working on that will directly affect the business. Even with my limited experience as an employed person I can tell this is a fun and inspiring place to work. I've been writing code poolside this week to implement a new feature on the mobile platform. I'm learning how to code apps in the real world and integrate features, as users demand them.

I'm looking forward to the projects ahead and exploring New Haven. If you have any suggestions, please shoot me an email: