Last week, you met Zack, last month, Jose and Emmanuel. These are some serious footsteps to follow in, but now it is my turn, and I am really excited to say hello! My name is Ren and I currently hold the title of newest SeeClickFix-er.

I am joining the technology team here at SCF, and honestly, it is a really great time to be joining. The team is on the tail end of doing some pretty serious TypeClickUpgrading to SeeClickFix. So, I thought I'd take a minute to shine the spotlight on my new teammates, because, while it is a small team, the folks are really sharp and they care a great deal about what they do.

In no particular order, they have recently completed:

A major version upgrade to the primary programming language we use, Ruby (http://www.ruby-lang.org). The new version of Ruby performs faster, allowing us to maintain a snappy website and service for you. If you have an interest in learning more about Ruby (it's fun!), you might want to explore TryRuby (http://tryruby.org/).

A major version upgrade to the web framework we use, Rails (http://rubyonrails.org). A web framework helps us focus on writing code that does interesting things. One of the major benefits of a framework like Rails is that it handles many of the more mundane chores of code writing. This upgrade positions us well to continue to take advantage of new technologies and techniques which will make SeeClickFix better for you.

Some serious infastructure upgrades. Among those were upgrades to our databases, our server operating systems and the way we deploy new code. Updates like this help us to continually keep your data safe, allow us to meet higher usage demands, and put more options at our disposal to quickly respond if things go wrong.

These upgrades serve as a foundation for us to continue making SeeClickFix a great tool, and I am excited to be a part of our work as we move forward.