2,000 issues fixed in New Haven and the team grows bigger

We love our hometown of New Haven. Its been good to us, its helped us grow and its nurtured us and informed many of our decisions. Some of our top users are here and over half our employees live in town. Today Alexandra Sanders at our media partner the New Haven Register did a nice write-up and video interview with some of team members at SCF.

Recently the 2000th issue was fixed in New Haven and the City under the lead of Chief Admin Officer, Robert Smuts, has been proactively engaging citizens more and more in recent weeks. The platform has grown so much here that some of our users have made signs and posted them on telephone poles to promote the growth of the tool. Those same signs have been reported as illegal on the platform that our users are promoting. I guess the signs work, illegal or not.

With the addition Mike Cipressi the team has grown to 14 strong. Check out the story in today's NHRegister