City of Hendersonville Launches New Technology for Residents to Report Problems

Citizen-Reporting Platform SeeClickFix Now Fully-Integrated with City's Internal Cityworks CRM System

HENDERSONVILLE, NC ' The City of Hendersonville has rolled out a new program that will make it simple for citizens to report non-emergency public space issues and have them resolved. SeeClickFix web tools and mobile applications are now integrated with the City's internal CityworksCRM system, allowing reports submitted by residents to be automatically routed to the appropriate department for review and resolution.

SeeClickFix can be accessed by Hendersonville residents through the City's website ( or by downloading the SeeClickFix app for iPhone or Android. Residents with Blackberry or Window's Phone smartphones can report via SeeClickFix's mobile website on their device browser. The program will prompt the user to report non-emergency issues using a description and specific location. Once an issue is reported, the user will receive updates about the status of the problem, and again when the problem is resolved. Reported issues and resolutions submitted by other users can also be seen. The user also has the capability to take a photo of the problem and submit it directly through the smartphone app and web tools.

Bo Ferguson, Hendersonville City Manager, feels that it will be beneficial to empower all residents and visitors of Hendersonville to help find problems and get them resolved. "This technology opens the door for everyone to play a role in making our community better," said Ferguson. "We only have 210 employees, but we have 13,500 citizens and 26,000 water customers. By giving all those people a tool to find and report issues, we're poised to do a much better job of identifying and responding to our citizens' and customers' needs."

While the program is a great way for citizens to get their concerns addressed by the City, it's also a push forward in modern communication. The idea surfaced several years ago as the City of Hendersonville explored opportunities to provide services using new technology. The integration of SeeClickFix and Cityworks in Hendersonville leverages this technology to benefit both residents and city staff.

"The tools provided by SeeClickFix allow citizens to easily report problems while allowing the City to have the data geocoded and integrated into our existing work order management system," said Hendersonville GIS Analyst Rachel Magyary. "This data is used by our crews to help organize our work more efficiently and resolve issues."

SeeClickFix has already been used to report several issues in Hendersonville ranging from drainage problems to missing street signs to garbage dumped on the side of the road. Photos have also been sent to clarify several of the reported issues.

"SeeClickFix was designed to help bridge customer service and social media to make positive change happen more quickly and efficiently," said Ferguson. "We are really excited about what this program can mean for Henderson County."

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