Friday Fix

Citizens in Charlotte were tired of watching perfectly good water leak down their road, week after week. They had tried to contact the city, but were generally given the run around, and received no clear information about when the issue would actually be dealt with. So, they turned to SeeClickFix.

SeeClickFix does not currently partner with the city of Charlotte, but we do have a fantastic media partner there in WBTV. As you can see on the original issue, WBTV's own Christine Nelson logged on to the issue to reach out to the citizens. She brought a television crew to the location of the leak, and did a story on the problem.

The very next day, the leak was fixed, as you can see in this report. As the citizen in the interview explains, "Clean water is hard to come by." We're happy we were able to play a role in getting a resolution for these frustrated citizens, and in preventing any more water from being wasted.