Regional and National Media Leverage Open Platform for Tracking Hurricane Damage

SeeClickFix providing free services for media, citizens in path of record storm

New Haven, Conn. - As Hurricane Sandy descends upon the East Coast, national and regional media outlets are encouraging readers to report and track storm damage using innovative, interactive mapping tools on their websites. Powered by SeeClickFix, these maps allow residents anywhere in the path of the storm to report damage from the heavy winds and rain Sandy is expected to unleash on the region. Reports submitted through these tools are publicly visible to others in the area and, in many cases, routed via email to local governments affected by the storm.

Regional publications such as the Bangor Daily News in Bangor, ME and all of the Journal Register Company's outlets in the path of the storm have proactively sought out the storm-specific widgets from SeeClickFix to ensure their readers can stay informed and document damage in their communities. The Huffington Post has also embeded a widget to provide access for readers across the eastern seaboard in Sandy's path.

"SeeClickFix has proven to be an essential tool for media to leverage in the face of emergency events such as Sandy," said Ben Berkowitz, CEO of SeeClickFix. "Having access to realtime information from others in communities affected by the storm is critical for both the safety of citizens, as well as for the post-storm cleanup efforts that will be taking place once the hurricane passes."

SeeClickFix map widgets for media can be used for free and can be customized to display issues specific to a geographic area. More so, the maps can be configured to display only realtime information about storm damage. Reports about storm damage can be submitted through these widgets on media websites and mobile websites, as well as through SeeClickFix's website and mobile apps.

Posts with images of the damage are already coming in and based on previous years experience the map will be filled up by tomorrow am.