New Feature: Anonymous Reporting

SeeClickFix enables citizens to document concerns they have in their community so that they can get them addressed. This process is often facilitated by individuals using their own name's as their display names so that they can collaborate with their neighbors. For instance, concerned parents would be interested in knowing that a friend drew attention to a downed stop sign on a street where a lot of kids play. No one minds having their names affiliated with SeeClickFix issues like these.

This is not always the case.

Occasionally, situations arise in which a SeeClickFix user wants to post a potentially contentious issue. Pointing out a blighted property can be sensitive, for example, and users may not care to be identified as having reported this type of problem.

This is where Anonymous Reporting comes in.

SeeClickFix recently launched a new feature that allows logged in users the option of reporting an issue without having it associated with their account. They'll be able to track problems and receive status updates just like normal, but their display names will no longer be associated with the issues. As you can see in our standard reporting form to the left, users can take advantage of this feature by simply checking a box.

We're dedicated to constantly improving our user's experience, so that they experience as little friction as possible when attempting to improve their community, and we look forward to rolling out more helpful features in the near future like Anonymous Reporting.