AARP recognizes SeeClickFix

SeeClickFix was recently praised in the Livable Communities section of AARP's website. They write:

"Many local governments do not have the funds or dedicated 311 hotlines to interact with its citizens for the various city issues its citizens encounter. SeeClickFix is a simple but elegant solution to this governmental challenge. It provides an interactive site where citizens can post the potholes, trash oversights, or other community issues those citizens see locally and local governments can respond using SeeClickFix. Local governments can use the site to reduce overhead costs and increase communication, interaction and participation with its city residents."

They go on to say,

"SeeClickFix enables residents and local governments to collaborate more effectively. This strengthens community ties, efficiency, and can enhance livability initiatives by providing local governments with residents' perspective regarding community needs. In addition, it reduces the bureaucracy that many community residents may feel stifles their relationship with local officials."

It's gratifying to be recognized as a tool that makes a helpful contribution to the lives of senior citizens across the country, and we appreciate the AARP's kind words.