New Client Feature: Printable Work Orders

Lately we have heard from many of our government clients about the need to send their crews out into the field armed with SeeClickFix data necessary for resolving issues. While some of our clients are using technology to provide this information to department staff hitting the streets, many more rely on paper work orders for their field crews. After hearing this feedback, SeeClickFix is happy to introduce our new printable work orders for government clients!

Available today, work orders can be generated from the "Issues" tab of your SeeClickFix CRM dashboard. Search for issues by assignee, service request type, issue status and/or geography to create the list of issues you need work orders for. Click the check box at the top left of the results list to select all issues, or select the individual issues you need work orders for. After you've selected your issues, click "Generate Work Orders" to save a printable PDF file of your selected reports to your computer.

Each work order contains the issue title and description, as well as any images submitted by the resident who reported the issue. The incident address is printed in the header and footer of the work order, as well as marked on a large, easy to read map. Comments, internal notes and responses to secondary questions about the request are all printed on the order if available. A blank section for "Field Notes" is also included on each work order, allowing crew members to record information about the resolution of the issue. Once resolved, the issue can quickly be retrieved in the dashboard by searching for the issue number located in the header and footer of the order.

Will generating work orders from your SeeClickFix dashboard help streamline your internal workflow and save you time? Have feedback or questions about this new feature? Get in touch today!