“Transparency is SeeClickFix's Best Feature” How Bicycle Advocates brought SeeClickFix and Open Government to town

About one year ago we got a phone call from Jason Van Driesche at Local Motion in Burlington, VT.
Vermont is a State like most that is plagued with very tight municipal budgets, but Jason did not want that to hinder the opportunities in communication between citizens and government that the Internet was starting to offer other communities around the Country.

We agreed to discount the price of SeeClickFix for the bike advocacy organization and they agreed to work to get the towns and cities in Northern VT using the tool. A year later and Burlington, South Burlington and Essex Junction have all embraced the tool for their internal and external communication around service requests from citizens.

With all of the tools that we have built for Governments to manage citizen communication and service requests we really like this quote from Bill Ward, Director of Code Enforcement in Burlington, "Transparency is SeeClickFix's Best Feature." Its really nice to hear governments agree with citizens that transparency is a feature not a bug. Cheers to Bill and all other great folks in City Halls around the Country who are making good use of the transparency features of the Web.

Most of the partnerships between cities and SeeClickFix have occurred because citizens have brought the software to their City. Sometimes the partnership occurs because a city employee gets excited about using the tool in their personal life and wanted brings the process into City Hall. Its a rare case where the citizen organization purchases the software for the government but we have seen similar examples elsewhere. We love this story because its similar to how SeeClickFix was created. A few citizens looking to make change in their community from the bottom up CAN create that change in a constructive way that results in wins for both citizens and government partners in the community. That makes us pretty happy.

Check out the great story hot off the presses in Burlington for more.