Richmond Uses SeeClickFix Data to Develop Custom Analytics

The more information that cities have about the priorities of their citizens, the more effectively they can customize municipal services to provide for their citizens' needs.

SeeClickFix enables our government partners to do this by providing them with data and analytics through our Dashboard. In addition to empowering city officials to respond efficiently to citizen requests, this helps municipalities to know what types of issues their citizens are reporting, which neighborhoods are creating the most issues, etc.

Richmond, VA deserves special recognition for innovative analysis of this data. To better understand the perspective of Richmond taxpayers, some creative city employees have developed customized reports like this one by using information from SeeClickFix. The reports help decision makers to deploy the city's resources more efficiently, addressing the practical concerns that affect the day to day lives of the people of Richmond.

We're happy that we can support Richmond in its ongoing work to improve the quality of the services it delivers, and we look forward to seeing more innovative uses of SeeClickFix data.