Unbored The Essential Field Guide for Serious Fun Features SeeClickFix

Our friend Rich Robbins just tipped us off to what looks like a really cool book for kids called Unbored. Unbored features SeeClickFix as one of the activities for kids to get "unbored".

We love the idea of getting kids more involved in their neighborhoods at as early an age as possible. In the past we have facilitated neighborhood improvement activities with an Achievement First Classroom in Brooklyn that my sister Brianna taught as well as a Common Ground Highschool classroom in New Haven, CT.

We also believe that SeeClickFix is Serious Fun. Whether its the reward of fixing up a park bench or crushing your friends civic points score (just try and beat me) we have been quietly striving to create an experience validated by a definitive field guide on serious fun. When we see kids use SeeClickFix at a young age we also see them encourage their parents to get involved as well and that's a win for the neighborhood.

Thanks for the plug unbored! To find SeeClickFix and other apps such as http://www.turbvote.com in the book look for the Apps To Make Changes section.

On a snowy New England Day it seems like there's no better time to pick up the book.
You can find it on amazon here.