Woburn Mass joins the SeeClickFix Community with the Assistance of the Common Wealth and the City of Boston

In case you have not picked up on it yet, we think the Common Wealth Connect Application that we have built for the State of Massachusetts is a pretty big deal for the open government community and the State of Mass. Take open civic communication dedicated to improving neighborhoods and distribute the costs and responsibility across 35 jurisdictions in one swoop and you get something that's guaranteed to make a pretty big impact.

The most exciting part for the folks in our office, as it is with every new city launch, is getting to know the new users, citizens and muni folk alike, and getting to see what they do with their new toolset to improve their neighborhoods.

We'll be giving updates from many of the new towns launched in Mass over the next couple of months but for now we'll leave it to the local news sources such as this one: http://www.sciwoburn.org/category/tags/seeclickfix to start telling the story open online government in their own backyards. Woburn, Mass, is a town that that has been having Off-line Town Meetings since 1642. With such good practice off-line it will be exciting to take a look in from on-line.