Highlights from 2012: SeeClickFix's Best Year Yet!

SeeClickFix Community,

2012 has been a remarkable year for all of us. Around the world our friends and neighbors have been actively engaging in their communities and taking real action to make their neighborhoods better. Citizens, municipal workers, elected officials, small businesses and utilities have brought the annual fix rate to an all-time-high of 66%. Over 200,000 issues have been resolved as of this month.

Together you have openly discussed your concerns and worked with your neighbors and governments to resolve them in a way that makes the most sense for your neighborhood. Our municipal users deserve an extra big hand this year as 2012 was the year for embracing open communication and customer service in government. 135 cities and towns from Canada to Australia now use SeeClickFix as their primary web and mobile communication channel and thousands more are actively responding to requests. More and more we see harmony between the way the SeeClickFix community wants to communicate with their local governments and the way that local governments want to communicate with their community.

Here's some of our highlights from the year. If we missed something awesome let us know and we'll post it on the blog or the facebook page.

What we built with you and your government:

The SeeClickFix Dashboard is now being used by 135 City Clients and includes a boatload of new features including the ability to assign and re-categorize issues, create work orders and generate beautiful reports.

We have whitelabeled our marketplace mobile applications for a number of cities and one State so that the app is searchable under their brand and keywords. This month we also released the ability to add additional information pages to your custom application dynamically through our easy to use content management system.

We have started to test a knowledge base and question and answer platform in select cities to help citizens and governments learn from each other in a scalable way that saves money and easy to implement. Two cities have already signed on for early launch and we're still accepting early adopters at a discounted rate.

We are also starting to experiment with crowdfunding and have helped to successfully fund a few projects in New Haven.

Some Partner City Highlights

The Cities of Minneapolis and Oakland have been longtime users of SeeClickFix and this year both Cities launched deeper integrations with the platform and became clients. In Minneapolis we launched marketplace mobile applications for the city and in Oakland we integrated with their CityWorks Work order system. Richmond, VA, Surrey British Columbia and a number of other towns also became clients of our CityWorks connect offering. Washington DC also launched their marketplace mobile applications with SeeClickFix and have done a tremendous job marketing the apps on subway posters and parking meter stickers. We also launched connections with Chicago 311 and Toronto 311 and assisted many small towns and FEMA during Hurricane Sandy. As a result of the Toronto 311 connection we also launched our largest media partner the Toronto Star who just listed SeeClickFix as the best thing they've done all year. All in all 15 Million new citizens were affected by these new relationships around the globe.

The new year will start off with a bang as well as we launch marketplace mobile applications and integrate with Houston's CRM Kana, an integration with Oracle in Albuquerque and with 35 towns in Massachusetts through the Commonwealth Connect application that we have built for the State. There also were a number of deals signed at the end of 2012 from California to North Carolina that we have not let the cat out of the bag yet on. Stay tuned for those!

User Highlights

5 years on the job and still my favorite part of working at SeeClickFix is witnessing the anecdotal evidence that SeeClickFix is enabling collaboration between citizens and governments. Each of the resolved 200,000 issues are a little neighborhood victory, and they all deserve to be celebrated. A few of our favorites fixes from 2012:

The Long Awaited Left Turn: A persistent Mom improved the safety of an intersection near a school after a year of work.

Giving a Hoot: An owl family was saved thanks to a diligent Park Ranger.

Spring Cleaning with SeeClickFix: A town in Canada uses SeeClickFix to coordinate its yearly clean up efforts.

As the first full-time employee at SeeClickFix the most remarkable thing for me has been watching the growth of the team to fifteen full-time employees. Those 15 folks are dedicating their lives to helping you make your neighborhoods better. If you want to help them we'd love it if you would introduce SeeClickFix to your neighbors or your local government. If you are in local government we'd love to show you all that has been built in the last year. We think you'll like it. You can email me or contact the team at contact@seeclickfix.com.

Happy Holidays and here's to collaboratively improving neighborhoods in 2013!