SeeClickFix improves service request efficiency in Macon, GA

Macon, Georgia has been very happy with its decision to partner with SeeClickFix. SeeClickFix has helped the City to respond to more citizen concerns with greater efficiency than ever before. This dynamic was described in a recent story about SeeClickFix in the Macon Telegraph:

"Since Macon began taking basic service calls through web-based SeeClickFix, requests for city work have gone up by 20 percent, according to Amanda Deaton, assistant chief administrative officer for budget and planning.

That's fallen most heavily on the Public Works Department, which already got the lion's share of requests.

Despite the increased workload, responsiveness apparently hasn't suffered; and if anything it's improved..."

The article goes on to highlight the positive experience of Macon resident Ben Sapp,

"Sapp put in the SeeClickFix request on a Sunday evening. As he was on his way to work Monday morning, a Public Works employee called in response. The worker was already in the alley, preparing to cut down the tree, Sapp said.

'He couldn't have been at work 10 minutes before he turned around and checked it out,' Sapp said."

Sapp isn't the only Macon resident who likes using SeeClickFix. Of 882 reports made in November, 80% of them were closed before the end of the month.

We're thrilled to see how successful SeeClickFix has been in Macon!

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