The Animal Kingdom is Turning SeeClickFix data Coyote Ugly

We just had our first coyote report in New Haven on SeeClickFix. I tweeted the internetz with w the find and our ever lovable pal @JSB from the Knight Foundation responded back with this article about a thriving urban coyote population in North America.

This morning the Toronto Star's fixer column, powered by SeeClickFix, reported on a coyote deer attack in their daily column. Interest peaked I did a quick data dive on SeeClickFix into the reported coyote population. I was surprised with the number of reports that were out there. In 2012 there were 50 coyote related reports in North America; double the total number of coyote reports from the three years prior combined. The number of total issues created on SeeClickFix has roughly doubled from the year before so its fair to say that the data reflects the general trend that urban coyote's are on the rise and encountering people more frequently.

As wildlife returns to many of our urban areas it will be interesting to see what else pops up in the data.