SeeClickFix is hiring for an Account Executive to work with our rapidly increasing client base.

Join a team of smart, hardworking and creative neighborhood lovers as we help citizens and their governments make their communities better together. What started as a grassroots citizen movement has become the most widely distributed and most used platform in the world for civic communication. Want to get a pothole fixed in Argentina or find a lost pet in San Francisco? The SeeClickFix platform and its community is making that happen every day.

As an Account Executive at SeeClickFix you will be building lasting relationships with some of our most valuable users, our city partners. From small towns like Stonington, CT to large cities like Houston, Texas you will be working directly with our clients to help them adopt new features on the SeeClickFix platform as well as help them and their citizens maximize their use of the existing tools. SeeClickFix has demonstrated the value in greater citizen involvement in governance as well as flat open communication. In this role you will help our biggest evangelists capitalize on all that the Internet can do for our communities. Check out our website or smartphone apps for examples of what we do best and also to learn a bit about our software for our clients.

This position is for full-time employment, on-site at our office in downtown New Haven, CT. You will join a team that has grown to 16 full-time employees in the past three years.
What We're Looking For
We are looking for a personality that is upbeat on the output and calm and receptive on the input. We want our partners to be excited to answer the phone from you and we want you to be excited to answer phone calls from our partners. The right person for the job will have some experience in sales or marketing but its not a must. You will need to be able to speak to the value of the SeeClickFix software with intellect and understand the benefits to both the government and the constituents they serve. While you don't have to have worked at a start-up previously you need to be prepared to work at a start-up. You must be prepared to carry weight for others and take on tasks outside of your typical responsibilities when needed. You need to be self motivated, independent and able to work your hardest in an environment where there is no boss looking over your shoulder telling you to work your hardest.
Most importantly we want you be really really ridiculously smart and fun. We also really want you to care about civic engagement, stronger neighborhoods and more efficient governments. The ideal Account Executive will:

  • Enjoy building new and lasting relationships with clients
  • Speak intelligently and confidently about the SeeClickFix software and its benefits to governments
  • Not be scared to sell something
  • A high performing track record in a previous sales or marketing role
  • A sense of humor in the office and with our clients
  • Desire to exceed monthly goals and work partly on commission
  • Used SeeClickFix and has an understanding of the way the tool works
  • A bachelor's degree

Please contact Ben@SeeClickFix with your resume a few sentences on why you'd like to work here.