Tuesday Shoutouts for Your Friendly Neighborhood SCF

Its only Tuesday today, but we've already received two very awesome mentions in the press this week. One from an article by Eric Liu, the other by John Kamensky appear on TIME Ideas and Governing Magazine respectively. Here's what they had to say.

In an article titled The Millennial Generation Can Lead Us Out of Gridlock, Eric Liu describes how the most-connected generation in history is subverting traditional notions of solving civic issues:

They are powering ventures like Airbnb, Car2Go, and the emerging "sharing economy." They are quick to use tools like SeeClickFix to alert both city government and their neighbors to a pothole--and they don't care who fills it first.

Then, in his article describing how technology can disrupt the how's and who's of citizens receiving and providing community services, John Kamensky writes over at Governing Magazine:

Another type of co-production initiative involves engaging citizens--as individuals or groups---in designing or delivering a service. In youth courts, for example, first-time, non-violent offenders serve as juries that try other offenders, with the goal of reducing recidivism. Another example is the mobile smartphone app, SeeClickFix, which allows citizens in participating cities and counties to report non-emergency issues (graffiti, broken street lights, potholes) and then track the local government's response.

We really appreciate the love, and if anyone ever wants to start a conversation about how SeeClickFix views civics & technology, please get in touch with us.