Albuquerque, NM Launches App to Cut Costs, Engage Residents

Congrats to SeeClickFix government partner Albuquerque, NM for launching their brand new ABQ311 smartphone app today! Available for iPhone and Android, the ABQ311 app will allow the city's innovative Citizen Contact Center to serve residents 24/7/365. What's more is that the app will have paid for itself after delivering just 6,000 service requests to the city! Read more about the ABQ311 app below in the city's official announcement!

New 311 App Engages Community via Technology
Cost-saving initiative creates new venue for citizens to self-report issues

Albuquerque, NM (April 4, 2013) - The Citizen's 311 center is expanding its services to accommodate service requests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

ABQ311 is an application accessible on iOS and Android platforms, as well as online, allowing residents to report graffiti, weeds, or potholes through smartphones or computers. This application provides a venue for service with no wait time or worries.

"This is about creating innovated approaches to every day issues," Mayor Richard J. Berry said. "Not only does this improve efficiencies within the City, but it provides a platform for addressing community issues with cost-effective technology. Through this new service, Albuquerque continues to show its progress as a technological and innovative leader in the Southwest and the nation."

Once ABQ311 has received 6,000 reports, the program will have paid for itself. Recently, the city of Los Angeles paid about $150,000 for a similar application; the City of Albuquerque paid much less, about $13,000 to launch ABQ311.

SeeClickFix is a national leader that partnered with the city to launch the tool. "SeeClickFix is thrilled to have partnered with the City of Albuquerque in expanding access and improving delivery of services available through their 311 Citizen Contact Center," said Ben Berkowitz, CEO and Co-Founder of SeeClickFix. "The ABQ 311 app is an excellent example of how innovation and open communication in local government benefit both residents and city staff alike."

The following issues can be reported through ABQ 311:
  • Weed complaints
  • Potholes
  • Abandoned vehicles
  • Large item pick up
  • Missed trash pick-up
  • Request for a residential trash container
  • Lost animals
  • Graffiti