Spring Cleaning Your Neighborhood? The Top 5 Issues of the Week

It's been a long winter for a lot of us. Now that spring is here, neighborhoods have cleaning and beautification on their minds. From enjoying group bike rides to starting their own NeighborDay, get your friends on SeeClickFix to start reporting issues like these:

When a cyclist hit an elevated crack in the road (and took a pavement-dive in the process), a concerned passerby took a photo of the scene, reported it, and got the whole thing fixed in less than a week.

You wouldn't leave trash laying around your house, so why let it lay around your neighborhood?

Just as you might make your house spic-and-span, cities are cleaning up graffiti. Are you reporting graffiti in your neighborhood?

In a lot of places, house maintenance can't really begin until the winter weather ends. Though a neighbor thought this house was falling into disrepair, both LCI and the owner, Sergeant Lombardi, came together to confirm that work would be starting, well, a few hours ago.

Looking out for each other, citizens of New Haven are once again getting things done and coming together to get new bike racks installed.

Our government highlight of the week is the City Attorney of San Francisco, Dennis Herrera. Launching their up app UP2CODE, powered by SeeClickFix. This app encourages residents and code enforcement to proactively improve neighborhoods and protect the health and safety for all those who live in San Francisco.

Live in San Francisco, or know someone who does? Get the app and tell your friends and neighbors.