Chicago Declares Potholepalooza!

The City of Chicago just announced their "Potholepalooza", a three-day event to get as many reports of potholes as possible this weekend. Despite having already addressed over 20,000 potholes in Chicago the first week of April alone, they want to step it up. So this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, report your heart out through SeeClickFix.

And just as awesome is the city's press release they put out about #Potholepalooza, cleverly written like the press release for a music festival like, say, Chicago's Lollapalooza:

This weekend, if you are motorist or a Motörhead, participate in the first-ever "Potholepalooza," the Chicago Department of Transportation's (CDOT) call to Chicagoans to report as many street potholes as possible. Then watch the show next week as CDOT has The Cure for your Moody Blues and fills all of the potholes reported from Friday, April 5 through Sunday April 6 so that your car doesn't do the Harlem Shake and give you Divine Fits.

So if you're in Chicago, do it right by downloading the app and get started reporting. We have Android, too!