Help These Students Bring Science to Local Parks!

Though we haven't talked much about projects here on SeeClickFix, they're one of the most interesting features community groups are using to enact hyperlocal change that wouldn't otherwise get done.

As always, school budgets are tighter than ever which affects students of all types. This AP Environmental Studies class counts its members at only 10, yet they have big plans to study and improve Beaver Pond Park here in New Haven. With the chance for college credit as well as potential for huge, sustainable improvement this is a really great--and really inexpensive--project to help education and the environment here in New Haven.

All it takes is a couple of bucks (like, cheaper than a Subway sandwich) and these hopeful kids will be able to work on projects like:

  • Eradicate the invasive species Japanese Knotweed to free up areas of land for planting of species that support butterflies, birds & small mammals.
  • Test Beaver Ponds Park for unhealthy water chemistry through the seasons. Test for pH, Nitrate, Phosphate etc.. Materials needed: testing kits have been donated, but consumable testing chemicals must be replenished.
  • Bring bluebirds back to Beaver Ponds Park. Materials needed: wood and supplies for building bird houses.

This small group has a tremendous amount of dedication. After school and on weekends they visit the pond regularly, taking samples and measurements. The next time you're in the area look for high schoolers in waders and mud!

And remember: all it takes is $1, going to a great cause, and your credit card won't even be charged unless the project reaches its goal. Questions? Ask the organizer anything, or ask away in the comments.