“SeeClickFix blows Waka Flocka Flame's mind”

My high school classmate and SeeClickFix user, Dan Kops, just tipped me off to an amazing interview with popular rapper Waka Flocka which all but mentions SeeClickFix.

The interview is here and to follow is the relevant part of the interview between Boombox reporter Cameron Matthews and Waka. While I personally appreciate FBombs as a form of emphasis I realize that some youngsters read our blog so I did blackout some of the language. Read the plain text do get the full effect.

(Cameron in Bold. Waka not in Bold)
Is that going to be on your presidential platform?
Yeah, possible. That and fuckin' taxes. God damn ... Fuckin' taxes be killin' you. You can make a thousand dollars and after taxes, that's damn near $600. Who the fuck is gettin' my money?

But Waka, you're helping make roads and stuff.
Right right, but not in New York. That shit is dangerous. You see people's hubcaps flyin' off in the fuckin' street. His brother [points to a friend] was driving and hit a pothole. His fuckin' wheel flew [off]. I can't go for that. They need to fix it. If they take my tax dollars in New York, they gotta fix that. I'm complainin'.

You should complain. There's an App for that.

You take a picture of the pothole...

Get the fuck out.

And then it goes to the government...
That'd be hard though.

I'm serious.

You dead serious?

waka flocka flameGino DePinto, AOL

It geo-locates your photo, so it uses the GPS in your phone and then they find out where the pot hole is and within like, five days, they go there and they fill it.
Seriously. Yo, we need that shit in New Jersey.