City of Albany & SeeClickFix: Working Together “4 U”

City Introduces More Interactive Website & Launches "AlbanyWorks4U" – A Municipal Service Tracker Application

Albany, NY (May 7, 2013) – Mayor Jennings today unveiled an updated City website, redesigned by L&P Media, which will prominently feature the region's first municipal service tracker application – a new program that will allow residents to report a variety of quality-of-life issues and request city services through an online and mobile interface. The program, called "AlbanyWorks4U" is powered by SeeClickFix, the place-based reporting platform that allows residents to document neighborhood concerns and communicate directly with city departments.

"Today is an exciting day in our Capital City," said Mayor Jennings. "A more user-friendly city website coupled with the power of SeeClickFix gives our citizens the online and mobile reporting capabilities to voice their concerns about a variety of city issues through easy-to-use categories, while also ensuring each city department is equipped with the best information possible to help resolve these concerns. I am proud that Albany is the first major city in New York State to adopt the SeeClickFix platform, and I look forward to its positive results in our community."

"The AlbanyWorks4U app and our partnership with the City of Albany will empower both residents and city employees to easily report and resolve public-space concerns," said Ben Berkowitz, CEO and Co-Founder of SeeClickFix. "We're proud to have partnered with a city who shares our company's commitment to improving communities and encouraging dialogue between local government and citizens."

The application uses GPS to recognize location, while also allowing users to fill in an address manually, and provides a menu of common concerns from which to select. The app allows you to upload pictures to accompany your report, giving city workers the most detailed information possible to address each case. The app can be used for a variety of issues, including graffiti, street maintenance, street light issues, damaged trees, parking meters, and trash collection, among others. Residents can track the status of reports submitted and see what other issues are being reported in their area. They're also able to follow an issue from the time it is reported until it is resolved, enabling residents to track of all types of service requests, not just the ones they report. Citizens can even create their own "watch areas" to receive notifications about all issues reported in specific neighborhoods.

In addition to this new website and exciting new service tracker application, Mayor Jennings also announced the city's new CIO, Mark Dorry. As the CIO, Mark will advise the Mayor, City Council, and departments regarding technical issues and opportunities to provide higher quality, more timely, and more cost effective governmental services.

For those wishing to access the City's new website please visit:

In addition, the "AlbanyWorks4U" Application is available for download from iTunes:

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