Friday Funtime: the Top 5 Issues This Week from Around SeeClickFix.

Spend a few seconds to check out these awesome issues from your SeeClickFix neighbors. Because it's Friday--who's working now anyway?

This is amazing. Because your reports, feedback, action, last week SeeClickFix hit it's
500,000th issue reported. We can't thank you enough, and if you want to spread the word even further we'll be your best friend.

Last week, Burlington, Vermont held their 42nd annual "Greenup", where volunteers and the city get together for some city cleaning--with great results.

The boys in orange for the City of Oakland got some great thanks for a job very-well done on this crazy pothole.

From South Carolina to Minnesota, sinkholes are getting patched ("beautifully," according to one citizen). Have you reported a sinkhole near you?

Bike Path, Paved!:

They say you never forget how to ride a bike. Now that this bike path has been completely repaved, it's time to go test that theory.