Answers feature in soft launch across select US Towns and Cities

Over the last few weeks we have been slowly rolling out SeeClickFix Answers to a select group of cities mostly in the US. We're not entirely sure what will come of the tool but its existence is grounded in some pretty solid demand. 70% of the calls to municipal constituent service centers in the US are questions. Phone calls to Cities are expensive to the City and timely to the resident. Understanding how to get a marriage license, a copy of your birth certificate or whether or not you can keep a rooster in your yard should be easily searchable from your cell phone.

We have not done a feature announcement to users in the locations we have turned, but it is available in 67 cities. So far there have been 52 answers to 85 questions. About 1/3 of the "answerers" work in City Hall and the rest are helpful neighbors willing to share their city knowledge. If you think its important that your neighbor knows where they can recycle electronics or get a child car seat inspected then we'd love your help to ramp up adoption over the next few weeks and shape the direction of SeeClickFix Answers. Maybe we can start to build a living municipal knowledge base for the world together.
Email if you're interested in helping out.
See an example in Houston here
TL;DR Some early insights from this past week's slow rollout:
According to the early data in towns with Answers turned on: about 30% of towns provide child car seat inspections. Most towns do not provide leaf bags for residents. Electronics recycling is commonly done by private entities.
And yes you can keep roosters in Chicago. They just have to be very quiet roosters, or as some might call them...chickens.