Thank You Public Servants and Municipal Employees!

Today we're excited to launch a long overdue feature in the name of gratefulness.

As of this post there have been 370,851 issues resolved by SeeClickFixers. 79% of issues reported in 2013 have already been fixed. All of these issues started in the open status, many were voted up and all were closed. But what about the all-important last step of saying thank you? We see follow-up comments giving thanks all the time and today is the day we programmatically formalize graciousness into the civic platform.

On all closed and archived issues you will see that the status change button now reads "Say Thanks". Today I'm going to go back to a number of resolved issues in my neighborhood and click that button. At the end of the week the good folks who closed out the issues will receive the message--all of the 'thanks' they received from folks this week.

While public employees deserve the bulk of the praise for issues resolved on SCF, I'm equally excited to thank neighbors who have jumped in and resolved issues in times of need as well. Please consider the thank you button as a feature a big thank you from the SCF Team to the SCF community.

Keep Fixing!