May SeeClickFix Shoutouts

We would like to take a moment to talk about some great May articles and shoutouts from across the country that focus on SeeClickFix in the community. Starting off this press roundup is an awesome SeeClickFix mention in PBS News Hour. One of our founders, Ben Berkowitz, was recognized as one of the 15 Young Go-Getters You'll Want to Meet!

SeeClickFix was also mentioned in articles from across the country. These articles extolled its importance in encouraging engagement between residents and their local governments, and remarked on its assistance in creating increased levels of government accountability.

Albany, which became a SeeClickFix partner in April 2013, launched it's AlbanyWorks4U application in May 2013. You can read about the application on these sites: Government Technology, Times Union, CBS06 Albany, and WAMC: Northeast Public Radio. The city of Vallejo's Public Works Department, a recent SeeClickFix partner, is hoping to release a more advanced version of the current mobile application within the next few months. You can read about the launch of the current application in the Times Herald here and here. An article published in the Everett Independent discusses the availability of the SeeClickFix/Commonwealth Connect mobile application in Everett, MA made possible through the Community Innovation Challenge Grant Program. Everett is one of the 40+ cities that will be a part of Commonwealth Connect.

SeeClickFix had additional shoutouts in press from Houston, TX, Washington D.C. (you can read the articles in the Washington Post here and here), Hartsville, SC, and Macon, GA (you can read the press release from the Mayor here). Finally, SeeClickFix was mentioned in a column about Open Data and CityCamp Connect groups published in the News Observer.

That concludes our May press roundup! Let us know if there's an article or shoutout that we missed.