Taking Action in Jersey City, NJ

We've mentioned the Harsimus Cove and the awesomeness that is Stephen Musgrave before, but this takes it to another level. As a one-man army of 311 reporting, Stephen Musgrave has gone above and beyond reporting issues in Jersey City--logging over 300 reported issues and 1,000 comments.

If that isn't impressive enough, back in March they put together an analysis on their use of SeeClickFix, the types of issues reported, and overall takeaways from the data.

This is just one of the ways SeeClickFix can be used to go beyond simple reporting to help citizens and cities glean insights into their communities they never would have had before. By tracking each request from its initial report through the (hopeful) resolution process, a new picture is created of what problems a community faces and what successes the folks there have had.

Stephen adds:

Eventually, we'd like to see the City work with SeeClickFix, putting me out of business as the "311 dispatcher." Gladly!

While we don't want you to stop reporting, Stephen, we'd be thrilled to see that happen as well.