Lost Pets and SeeClickFix

The loss of a pet is immediately a stressful, heart-wrenching situation for the pet owner. Thankfully, in the age of social media, the search for a lost pet extends far beyond posters plastered around the community. Owners looking for their beloved cat or dog can turn to SeeClickFix, Twitter, and Facebook to increase the number of individuals keeping an eye out for their pet.

In Southern Connecticut, a partnership between SeeClickFix and the New Haven Central Veterinary Hospital led to the creation of a map widget with categories tailored to lost and found pets. When Enzo and Zipper went missing, their owners filed reports using the hospital's website. Our users residing in areas in without such a partnership, can report lost pets using the SeeClickFix mobile application and website.

In the event of a lost pet, we think it's important for pet owners to use SeeClickFix and forms of social media to alert their communities. However, it's equally imperative that pet owners call local animal shelters. The individuals who found Ziggy and Zipper took them directly to a shelter, where they waited for their owners to pick them up. Officer Stephani Johnson has made a number of comments on lost pet posts in which she has emphasized the necessity in calling local shelters when a pet runs off. Some shelters do not actively monitor SeeClickFix and other social media sites, so it is up to the pet owner to make inquiries with shelters in the search for a lost pet.

A missing pet is a terrifying situation, but Ziggy, Enzo, Zipper, and countless other pets that have been reunited with their families remind us that happy endings are possible.