July SeeClickFix Shoutouts

Though the Commonwealth Connect mobile application officially launched in June, significant press surfaced over the course of this past month. If you haven't already, check out our post about Commonwealth Connect articles from the month of July.

The Centre Daily Times ran an article about the recent launch of SeeClickFix in Patton Township, PA. The reporter interviewed Public Works Director Brent Brubaker, who hailed the presence of additional "eyes and ears" that the town will gain through the mobile application and website. The St. Charles Patch helped add to exiting press about the presence of SeeClickFix in St. Charles, MO with its article titled "5 Things of Note About the SeeClickFix Mobile App." A report about SeeClickFix in Brookhaven, GA, discussed the rapidity with which the Public Works Department acknowledges issues and noted a few types of reports to recently appear on the site.

The Saratogian, The Telegraph, and The Toronto Star, all ran articles that highlighted the continued use of SeeClickFix in their respective cities. The Saratogian reported that a series of problematic intersections--one of which has been reported on SeeClickFix three times--are to be examined in a $14,700 traffic study approved by the city of Saratoga Springs. The Accounts Commissioner, when discussing the intersection, proclaimed "You fix that corner, there will be a statue of you in the city." Macon, GA is in the process of tearing down abandoned buildings, and plans to increase public feedback with a link to SeeClickFix on the page dedicated to the demolition. The Fixer series in The Toronto Star examined poorly marked street lanes, temporary fencing turned trash receptacle, a hidden fire hydrant, smelly trash cans, and sidewalk holes, all of which were reported on SeeClickFix.

Finally, we received a brief shoutout in Future Perfect: The Case for Progress in a Networked Age, a book by Steven Johnson.