Meet John: New Addition to the SeeClickFix Team!

My name is John Murphy, and after four years serving in the United States Marine Corps as an Intelligence Officer, I am excited to be back in my hometown, joining the SeeClickFix team as a Sales Associate.
It is difficult not to get excited about working here. The innovative projects the team is working on positively shape how citizens and government employees communicate with each other, and how communities (large and small) come together to solve problems and improve their neighborhoods.
The impact of the SeeClickFix software cannot be measured simply by the thousands of issues opened or closed by users around the world. By allowing citizens to communicate with their government in a transparent manner and to see progress being made on their issues, SeeClickFix empowers citizens to take greater ownership in their community. Because SeeClickFix makes it easier to report issues to one's government, more issues will be reported and addressed than before. And because SeeClickFix reduces the time and resources governments spend on phone calls and antiquated work order tracking mechanisms, governments can reallocate resources to address other issues.
We can help clients evaluate how much money will be saved by using SeeClickFix, but some things are harder to evaluate. How does one value empowering citizens to be more involved? What is the value of the free time of a city employee? Maybe that empowered citizen will take a more active role in their community, and will positively affect the lives of those around him/her, inspiring his/her neighbors to create similar positive ripple effects in their lives. Maybe that city employee who has more time to apply to other tasks, will be able to find creative solutions to civic issues that have been plaguing his/her city.
As you can probably tell, I'm a believer in the power of the little things, and I believe that SeeClickFix has the ability to make a lot of little good things happen that will have a big effect on our communities.
Whether you are a civic leader or a citizen, I hope you become a dedicated user of SeeClickFix, and a partner of ours. I believe that a lot of good for your community would come out of that partnership.
If you are a civic leader interested in learning more about SeeClickFix, please contact us for a demonstration. It would be my pleasure to show you the functionality that SeeClickFix brings to the table.