SeeClickFix, Sinkholes & Stats

We've written about reporting sinkholes--hopefully before they get bad--on SeeClickFix. While this is not new to the site, it's an important reminder that being engaged doesn't mean just reporting graffiti and parking meters.

We know a lot of times these events happen with no noticeable warning, but in many cases holes, dips, and fissures can be documented before anything really bad occurs--and many cities want to receive them!

The sudden formation of a sinkhole in Florida today fortunately ended without human damage, but it's a healthy reminder that up to 20% of the United States alone are areas susceptible to sinkhole damage.

This heatmap shows areas of the continental U.S. potentially affected.

Compare this to the map of sinkhole issues reported on SeeClickFix (zoom in for more detail):
To see sinkholes reported already, click here. You can report sinkholes, potholes, and other issues via SeeClickFix mobile apps or on the web.