I Heart Hackathons

Like hacking away with intelligent peers? How about effecting positive social change? MONEY? If you're in San Francisco on September 27, we'd love for you to attend this 24-hour hackathon in conjunction with Microsoft and Kaggle. Here's the basics:

When: September 27 - 28, 2013
Where: Microsoft San Francisco (835 Market St Ste 700, San Francisco, CA)
About: The purpose of the competition is to be able to quantify and predict how people will react to a specific issue. What makes an issue urgent? What do citizens really care about? How much does location matter? Being able to predict what the most pressing 311 topics are will allow governments to focus their efforts on fixing the most important problems. The data set that will be provided for the competitions contains several hundred thousand 311 issues from four cities.

Read more about it and sign up here!