Burlington: Creative, Clever, and Collaged

We've seen plenty of awesomeness come out of Burlington, Vermont over the course of SeeClickFix. From animal issues to general responsiveness to great cycling advocates, Burlington is a poster city for progressive, transparent, community action. But this takes it to a new level.

With all the beds and couches dumped and promptly cleaned up (heck, even surfboards), you might think it'd be a sore spot for the folks in Burlington. Turns out, exactly the opposite: to celebrate their Art Hop event taking place last weekend, the Code Enforcement department created their own couch, covered in turf, with pillow-case collages of all the couches they've previously removed.

This is a hall-of-famer for sure.
Reported by one, "Arthur Hop", we were incredibly excited to see such creative, clever, and inspiring work be a part of Burlington's South End Art Hop, and honored to have it included on SeeClickFix.